WAYNE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — All nine people injured after Wayne High School’s press box floor collapsed have been released from the hospital, according to Wayne County Superintendent Todd Alexander.

Alexander told 13 News that a building inspector came to the press box on Sunday and confirmed that the support system failed, causing the floor to collapse.

The collapse happened during a Wayne Middle School softball game at the high school field. Alexander said a total of four softball players and five spectators were injured.

“It was a difficult day,” he said. “We’re just glad everybody was all right and that the students are home and will all be back in school if not today, soon.”

Alexander said the players were in the press box and the spectators were directly below it when the collapse happened. He says five people were transported for medical treatment, and the four students were taken to the hospital by their parents.

13 News Reporter Rachel Pellegrino spoke with Addison Perkins, one of the players who was inside the press box at the time. Perkins was one of two students that had to be flown to the hospital, but she was able to return home Saturday night with only a concussion.

“It was definitely a very scary experience, one that you wouldn’t think would happen at all, it was just a normal day,” Perkins said. “The one thing I remember though is that I remember when I fell there were people underneath me and all I could do when I realized was crawl out because the boards were on top of them. So, that was all I could do.”

Fenton Perkins, her dad, rushed over to help once he heard the loud crash and screams coming from the crowd. He said it was a scary experience but was grateful that no one was severely injured.

“It wasn’t anything that I imagined happening,” Fenton Perkins said. “But I’m thankful they’re all good and healthy and out of the hospital.”

Addison Perkins said it happened five minutes before the final game of the county championships. For her, it was disappointing because she couldn’t finish out her middle school softball season. However, she’s grateful for the community’s support and is looking forward to summer ball.

“We’re just very very thankful for everyone that came and helped,” she said.

Alexander said the field will be closed until further notice as they work to begin fixing the press box. He also said Wayne County Schools will be providing counseling services for any students that were affected by the incident.