WAYNE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Friday morning, Wayne Middle School staff members made a discovery that prompted a precautionary lockdown.

According to Wayne County Schools Superintendent Todd Alexander, a staff member found bullets in a toilet and it appeared that somebody had possibly put them in the toilet in an attempt to flush them down.

“When you go through that process, it scares kids in the school, and it scares their parents. It’s a rattling event for people,” Alexander said regarding the incident.

One hour later, the lockdown was lifted after the school resource officer and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office determined there was no danger.

While this ended in the best way possible, Alexander hopes this can be a teachable moment for students and parents.

“We would stress to parents to make sure that you are talking to your kids and that they understand that they cannot make anything in today’s day in age. Everything has to be taken seriously,” Alexander said.