FORT GAY, WV (WOWK) – The water advisory is still in effect in Fort Gay and parents are questioning why schools are still open.

On Monday morning, Fort Gay residents were told to not drink the water. Fort Gay PK-8 is the only school in the area that was impacted by the water advisory.

School board officials say they have already started adjusting to ensure the children at the school are safe.

Wayne County Superintendent Todd Alexander says they have installed handwashing stations, closed off the sinks in the bathrooms and provided hand sanitizer.

“If we canceled school, these kids would be at home and they would still be in the same situation with water that they couldn’t use. Not being able to wash their hands out of the sink, stuff like that,” Wayne says.

Others in the community say they think the schools remaining open is dangerous.

“They can’t even take baths at the house, they can’t come to school like that. My boys play sports and they’re sweaty, hot and you can’t even give them a bath because the water burns your skin. Plus, you don’t know if they’re going to come down here and drink out that water fountain. Them teachers ain’t watching them constantly,” Devana Lycans, one local parent, says.

Another parent, William Stephens, calls this situation neglectful.

“The water smelled so bad at our house that you can’t turn it on. If I take a cup of water and sniff it, it hurts my throat. I don’t know how our children are flushing toilets and sanitizing their hands,” Stephens says.

One fourth-grade student, Braedyn Doss, says he also doesn’t think it’s safe either.

“I don’t think it’s good because we need to wash our hands and the cooks, they can’t even use the water. We can’t really do anything. We can’t even drink it after the gym or we’re outside – so we’re going to be hot and all that,” Doss says.

Superintendent Alexander says the school will continue to provide water at the schools for students. Emergency officials have also moved one water buffalo to the school for school officials and residents nearby to use.