FORT GAY, WV (WOWK) – Officials from across West Virginia took part in helping people in Fort Gay who went another day not being able to use tap water.

On Monday morning, Fort Gay residents were told to not drink the water.

“I’m really aggravated. I know they can’t help it but have someone to come in that knows what they’re doing and fix it,” said Ruby Shannon, a resident of Fort Gay.

Another resident, Bonnie Harmon, says it’s been “pretty bad.”

“You take it for granted – you’re always going to have good water and then something happens and it throws you off balance. You can’t do dishes, don’t want to do laundry and you can’t drink it for sure,” Harmon said.  

People have been picking up water bottles from the city’s Town Hall and officials have put out two new water buffalos for people to refill their empty containers.

On Tuesday, the state National Guard and Fort Gay, Lavalette and Wayne County officials were also at the town hall refilling the water supply.

The Department of Health and Human Resources and the Department of Environmental Protection began testing the water on Monday, but those tests won’t come back for another two-to-three days

So far, officials say they have not found any indications of petroleum products in the water and they say everything being done here is just to make sure everyone is safe.

“This is out of abundance of caution. This isn’t because we think anyone has been harmed or anything like that. I know there were some concerns about children in school. We have delivered pallets of water to the schools. They have drinkable water there, they have water for cooking, they have hand sanitizers there. The water that’s in the water system is good for flushing and fire suppression. No one is going to catch on fire from petroleum in the water. There’s no danger there,” BJ Willis, Wayne’s Director of Emergency Management, said.

Residents can stop by the Fort Gay Town Hall from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. any day for the rest of the week.