POINT PLEASANT, WV (WOWK)—Wednesday marks the 54th anniversary of the fatal Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, which took dozens of lives.

The Silver Bridge over the Ohio River was a key bridge in the area, connecting small towns to cities like Columbus and Charleston. According to the West Virginia Archives, the bridge was built in 1928, and it spanned the Ohio River between Point Pleasant and Ohio for nearly 40 years.

An investigation by the US Department of Transportation determined that an eyebar pin had failed, which caused the bridge to drop into the Ohio River.

The current mayor of Point Pleasant, Brian Billings, was just 10 years old when it happened.

“I remember my mother making phone calls to see where her brother was, where her sister was,” he said. “I had an uncle who had a business on Main Street, and you know it was a very terrifying time, but I don’t know that we as children totally understood the impact it had on the city.”

Later on Wednesday, the city of Point Pleasant will hold a ceremony at the time the bridge collapsed to honor those 46 precious lives lost.