CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — This recent protest near the U.S. Capitol targeted Senator Joe Manchin. A similar rally, featuring 100 West Virginians, is planned for Tuesday. Members will urge Manchin to support President Biden’s $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan.

One item will be to help fossil-fuel-producing states transition to clean, renewable energy.

“It’s going to infuse four billion dollars of new money into communities that are affected by coal mine closures, and coal power plant closures,” said Ryan Frankenberry, of the West Virginia Working Families Party.

There will be money to clean up abandoned gas and oil wells that cause pollution. But the Biden plan also includes billions for so-called human infrastructure, including adult home health care and child care.

“It will get people into the workforce because they won’t have to deal with taking care of their children or taking care of elderly family members and neighbors. You know so many right now can’t afford child care,” said Frankenberry.

But Sen. Manchin says those items should be voted upon, in a separate bill because they are not infrastructure.

“Traditional infrastructure. When you talk about infrastructure people think, ‘Hey my bridge is falling down. Our roads are in horrible shape. We have no internet service. That all had to be dealt with and we can do that in a bipartisan, and also pay for it. And we did that, too, without any new taxes,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, (D) West Virginia, on July 5, 2021.

Manchin favors a $1 trillion bipartisan plan, that has the support of more than 20 senators.

Sen. Manchin has said on many occasions that if this bill includes all of the so-called Green New Deal, he will not be able to support it.