PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — For the first time in several years, Mercer County Animal Shelter (MCAS) announced a code-red status due to an exceeding amount of animals in the shelter.

On January 11, 2023, MCAS announced on their Facebook the code-red status. The code-red means due to the exceeding amount of animals, some animals may be euthanized.

Stacey Harman, Director at MCAS, said the amount of cats the shelter takes in isn’t an issue — it’s the dogs. She said more than 70 dogs are currently staying at the shelter.

But before Harman decides to euthanize an animal, she makes one last ditch effort to find them a home…and to save their life.

“We’ll take the longest animal that’s been here, and I would give the public two to three days’ notice that it’s going to happen if this dog doesn’t find a home,” Harman said.

To help speed up the adoption rate, Harman announced all dogs over one year old at the shelter are only $25.

Harman said donations are still welcome and appreciated. She said if you donate through Amazon or Chewy, you can send it right here at the Mercer County Animal Shelter or drop in and drop them off.