CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — Some West Virginia Army National Guard members are overseas right now for their first deployment. A video posted this week of them singing “country roads” took off on social media!

The men in the video include:

  • SPC Andrew Baker
  • SPC Tommy Hawken
  • SPC Justin Sims
  • CPL Tyler Bean
  • PFC Bradley Bellamy
  • PFC Jeffrey Coble
  • PFC Ethan Rush P
  • FC Brandon McDonie

We all stay pretty close and we all have a strong bond. I mean, you kinda have to in a situation like this so uh, you know we have our little care packages sent from friends and family and uh, we just kind of share each other and we’re doing a secret santa thing tomorrow within our troop. We’re trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive in different way.

Specialist Andrew Baker