WEST VIRGINIA (WTRF)- The iconic face of Babydog Justice is only growing with “Do it for Babydog!” stickers. But behind the artwork itself is one West Virginia artist, who goes by the name “Wonderfully Weird Designs”.

After trending nationally on Twitter, Governor Jim Justice’s pet became a ‘mascot’ of West Virginia’s vaccine lottery.

It caught the attention of an artist that jumped at the idea of turning it into art.

“It was something fun to do. This was an opportunity to hop on maybe what you would call a local meme, and see what would happen.”

Tyler St. Clair, owner of “Wonderfully Weird Designs”

… and just like that, the face of Babydog justice turned into a sticker.

But it blew up before they knew it.

“We’re at a point where Etsy says we have too much shop volume, and we’re not keeping up with it.”

Tyler St. Clair, owner of “Wonderfully Weird Designs”

And it didn’t take long until they realized their initial order of 50 stickers just wouldn’t cut it when the demand kept flooding in.

“So, we thought, ‘This will be something fun and quick to do. We’ll just do like a limited number, and then we’ll put them up. Then, those sold out before the order even went through.”

Tyler St. Clair, owner of “Wonderfully Weird Designs”

Then, their business that only just started back in February suddenly took off while selling Babydog stickers.

“We had some a hundred sales in the past year. We’ve already more than doubled that yearly.”

Courtney Page, owner of “Wonderfully Weird Designs”

Babydog is still gaining a lot of traction for their business, but this isn’t the only design WonderfullyWeirdDesigns has created.

“We’re really thankful for the attention for this baby dog design. I hope that everybody stays tuned in for the new stuff coming because we’ve really been excited about it.”

Courtney Page, owner of “Wonderfully Weird Designs”

They do West Virginia-themed designs, as well as a lot of Bigfoot and alien designs and have plans it to create some new pins.

You can get your very own “Do it for Babydog!” sticker here.