CHARLESTON, W. Va. (WOWK) – The Joint Flooding Committee convened once against, trying to help an untold number of families who signed up to have their flooded homes torn down, but were never paid a dime. The committee also wants to know if the governor’s office switched priotrties to fix damaged roads, before addressing homeonwers. A charge the governor’s staff denies.

“I want you to know, 30-thousand foot view, I’m for the houses first. So as far as a formal repriortization, that was never, ever communicated up to the Governor’s office,” said Brian Abraham, Governor Justice’s Chief Counsel.

Several Elk River community homeowneers were in the audience, express frustrating after three years of waiting.

“We haven’t heard anything. They tore our house down in October of 2017, and we have yet to see any money, any answers anything,” said Cindy Naylor, an Elk River flood victim.

“I hope that we can get something settled about money beingn delivered to those people who are desperately in need of it. We still have people living in camping trailors,” said Betty Robinson, an Elk River flood victim

The Legislature wants answers.

“Our whole community, we’re tired of this. We’re ready to move forward. These folks have been promised something and they deserve to have what they were promised,” said Del. Dean Jeffries, Chairman, (R) Kanawha – Flooding Committee.

People were warned, the federal aid coud drag on for several more years.

“The Flooding Committee may call former Commerce Secretay Woody Thrasher to testifay. Thrasher was in charge of disaster relief for a time, and has a different version of the events. Thrasher is also now running afgainst Governor Justice,” said Mark Curtis, 13 Chief Political Reporter.