CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — High school football blowout games remain the talk of West Virginia almost a week after they happened, and the conversation has now reached Republican Gov. Jim Justice.

We are approaching the next round of Friday night lights, and all eyes will be on the playing field and on the scoreboard.

Last Friday night in West Virginia, there were eight high school football games where the margin of victory was greater than 50 points. Ten other games were won by more than 40 points.

Critics are blaming a new law that allows student-athletes a one-time transfer to the school of their choice. Bill opponents say it allows coaches to build elite programs at the expense of other schools.

The sports transfer policy was combined with a bill to expand the Hope Scholarships. Gov. Justice, who coaches high school basketball, and some in the legislature want the law repealed or fixed.

“Those kids have to go to school tomorrow. The kids that got beat 95-to-6 or whatever it was; they got to go to school tomorrow And kids can be really cruel to other kids,” said Gov. Jim Justice (R) West Virginia.

“I asked him to veto this bill and I know he anguished over it. And the trouble I think, even for a lot of fellow delegates, is they knew this was a bad bill and even some that did vote for it,” said Del. Dana Ferrell (R) Kanawha.

State Senator Ryan Weld, who sponsored the sports transfer bill, declined our request for an interview Thursday. Weld was not the sponsor of the controversial move to merge the sports transfers into the Hope Scholarship bill that was passed.

If lawmakers decide to revisit the sports transfer issue, they would have to do it in January’s regular legislative session. The governor’s office said there is no need to do it in a special session.