HURRICANE, W.Va. (WOWK) – If you live in Hurricane, you may notice a popular decoration in a large number of homes. However, it’s far from your basic home store décor. Bear Wood Company is a store that focuses solely on telling stories with wood. What makes them different? They hand make everything that’s sold in their store.

“We like to take things that are old, left to rot, or burned, and make it into something new”

Matt Snyder, Bear Wood Company Owner

Bear Wood Company builds their products the old fashion way. They like to say they touch, saw, sand, and sweat everything they sell. When they say they sweat over their pieces, they mean it. It’s a day in and day out process to get their woodwork on stands.

Not only is it hand made, but it’s completely created in the store in which they sell. There are usually two to three hands-on-deck creating the products to fill up their stores in Hurricane and Charleston. And if you think it may be a big workshop, it’s not. “It definitely surprises me how much this little shop is capable of putting out,” says Bear Wood Company owner Matt Snyder.

The wood they use is completely reclaimed and reused. All wood used has been a part of West Virginia’s rich history. They want their wood to have a story behind them, and they leave any history remaining on the new and reused design.

Popular design of the “Rustic State”

Each wooden design reflects the character of the state in which they are made. Whether it be the color, shape, or design, it all reflects the idea of home. “This business was really built on love of home and the history that’s here”, says Matt. Matt began the business in 2015 after finding a love for building furniture. He made the leap from Corporate America to pursue his passion. “It was one of the best decisions I made” he laughed.

One of their most popular designs is known as the “Rustic State”. It’s a wooden shape of West Virginia so they all look similar, but are very different. Each piece has a different story behind it whether it be the wood used or color to separate them. Aside from the decorations, you can also find furniture, ornaments, candles, and much more that are all created to resemble the meaning of “Home”.

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