CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – A group of about 50 West Virginia National Guardsmen and Airmen received a heroes’ welcome today as they returned to the Mountain State from a mission in Texas.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was on hand to recognize their work in Texas for border duty in support of Operation Lone Star.

For 30 days, the unit assisted efforts along the Texas-Mexico border. The Guard’s commanding officers say the West Virginians left an impression on Texas.

“The Texas folks, the guard folks, said ‘hey, send us more West Virginians because they’re the best we’ve had here,'” said Adjutant General of the WVNG, Maj. Gen. Bill Crane. “Just take care of business. We don’t mess around, you know? So, I can’t be prouder of the folks.”

“As part of the national guard, I think a country without borders isn’t really a country, so I think for the National Guard, this is an appropriate mission for us to be on,” said WVNG Capt. Zachary Pingley.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice first announced the WVNG’s mission to Texas in May, stating they would be deployed throughout August to provide additional assistance to the Texas National Guard.