CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The process of drawing new district boundaries for West Virginia’s congressional and legislative districts is now in full swing.

The Senate redistricting committee met at the Capitol this afternoon. There are at least two dozen maps being considered for reducing West Virginia Congressional districts from three, down to two. Republican leaders say this has been a transparent process.

“Your viewers and listeners who are interested in doing so, are invited. Please, to go look at those maps. Send us emails, tell us which ones they like. or don’t like and why,” said State Sen. Charles Trump, (R) Morgan – Redistricting Chairman.

Current members of Congress, Republicans David McKinley, Alex Mooney, and Carol Miller all plan to seek re-election. So two of them will have to face off in a primary, depending on how the final district lines are drawn. The other big task is redrawing the state House of Delegates into 100 single-member districts, instead of districts that now have 4 or 5 delegates. While the map is not final, some Democrats worry fellow incumbent Democrats will be forced to face off in primaries.

“Nearly 40% of the entire Democratic Caucus has been drawn into districts with each other. You haven’t seen that on the other side. I think the districts should be drawn simply based on where people live, not on how people vote,” said Del. Mike Pushkin, (D) Kanawha.

Republicans say they are not trying to manipulate the redistricting process, in a partisan manner.

Governor Justice plans an October Special Session on redistricting. The chairman of the Redistricting Committee tells me he’ll keep the members in session as many days as is necessary, to get those new maps approved.