CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginians are reacting to the latest spike of inflation in the economy.

Spurred by increasing prices at the gas pump, as well as the grocery store, the annual rate of inflation in the U.S. is 6.8%. It hasn’t been that high since 1982.

Many progressives hope the president’s social infrastructure bill known as “Build Back Better” will help but many republicans say high spending is the real problem.

“We are spending too much money. We are spending double what we bring in. It’s absurd what the administration is doing and I’m so concerned about my children and grandchildren. I’m concerned about West Virginia,” said Rep. Carol Miller, (R) West Virginia.

“I think this ‘Build Back Better’ program will actually help people deal with inflation by assisting with their child care, their elder care, buy reducing their prescription drug costs, and the other things that will help the middle class and low-income families,” said Gary Zuckett, West Virginia Citizen Action.

U.S.Senate Democrat leaders are promising a vote on “Build Back Better” before they leave for Christmas break. One of the key, undecided votes, is West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito has already announced her opposition.