HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia recently ranked worst when it comes to fatal car accidents in the rain.

This ranking is because the state sees on average 39 fatal crashes annually, which is alarming given the state’s low population.

Officials in the Mountain State say most of the crashes they see are because drivers are simply driving too fast.  

“Speed limits are set on the roadway for dry sunny conditions. If the weather is inclement – snow rain, water sitting on the roadway from rain, especially like yesterday’s rain, you need to slow down or you might hydroplane or run into another problem,” says Beau Evans, the Traffic Safety Director in Huntington.

The Cabell County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) says as we prepare for the rain to come in the next few days, residents should remember to be smart and aware on the roads.

“Please do not drive through standing water. You don’t know if the road’s there, it could’ve washed out. There are so many things that are unpredictable when you drive through water and it’s not worth wasting your car – and, even more, your life,”

Gordon Merry, Director for Cabell County EMS

The Cabell County EMS says a few tips to remember when driving in the rain is to turn on your windshield wipers so you can see and your headlights so others can see you.

They also say to make sure your tires are full of air and have good traction before hitting the roads.