HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Natural gas utility companies have submitted plans to the West Virginia Public Service Commission to lessen their customers’ rates this winter.

The PSC had ordered natural gas utilities in West Virginia to come up with some alternative plans for winter heating bills in the Mountain State and given them a deadline of Sept. 30, 2022 to submit a plan. According to the PSC, the plans were supposed to “reduce and/or levelize the rate impact of the filings.”

One person in Huntington says her bill has more than doubled, and they can’t imagine what effect that has on someone who can’t afford that. 

“This past month, it really went up,” Flyn Jobst said. “This month it went up significantly – at least $40 dollars on the month. And I’m sure for some people that would really put them in a bind.”

Another resident says he’s looking for alternatives now because of the costs.

“It can get up to hundreds of dollars a month. It’s a gas fireplace so I put gas in it. It puts a strain on things,” said Bill Lavery.

The PSC is expected to make decisions on the proposals from the company before the traditional Nov. 1 winter rate implementation.