HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Gas prices across the Mountain State just hit a new record high.

Right now, gas can be seen as high as $4.25 in some areas, and according to AAA, that’s now $0.20 cents higher than it was one week ago.

Officials credit the high numbers we’re seeing to last week’s price rise in crude oil.

They also say as the season of summer travel quickly approaches, we shouldn’t expect those numbers to go down.

“That’s dependent on geopolitical issues that are going on. Primarily, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the effect that has. Since that’s very hard to predict, what’s going to happen and how long that war’s going to be, we can expect that those prices are not going to be coming down in the near future,” explains Lori Weaver Hawkins, the public affairs manager for AAA Bluegrass.

She says people are going to have to find ways to adjust if they still want to travel.

“Most people are going to be cutting back in other areas of their budget to kind of compensate for these rising fuel prices. So they may not do as much shopping or they may not dine as much at a sit-down restaurant. You know, cutting back in other areas of their budget so they can still take that long-awaited summer vacation,” says Hawkins.

Drivers at the pump in Huntington said they were annoyed with the prices, and some said they hope some type of solution is put in place soon.

“It just puts a dent in everything, and you cannot save up enough to even go on vacation right now. There’s just not enough money,” says West Virginia resident, Ashley Dingus.

AAA says, to save a little on gas in the meantime, drivers should make sure their car is properly inspected, take out unnecessary weight, and try not to accelerate as hard when driving.