CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Among the people being hit hardest by continuing high inflation, are senior citizens.

Every day, Kanawha Valley Senior Services provides more that 650 meals to those in need at nine locations across the county. They also deliver hot meals.

Many seniors say they are struggling like everyone else with the high prices of food and gasoline. While inflation rose 8.2% last month, seniors found out Wednesday they’ll get an 8.7% Social Security raise next year. Many say, right now, money is tight.

“I guess we are losing ground. You know, we’re both retired, so we have like fixed incomes now. And we are losing ground, definitely with gas prices and utilities,” said Beverly Daugherty, a West Virginia senior citizen.

“And price of gas going up. Everything going up, and when it goes up it doesn’t come down. You know, then it’s going to hurt people,” said Ray Shamshiry, a senior citizen.

Some say they are just getting by.

“Well sure, the raise will help. But the inflation is, I am afraid, here to stay for awhile,” said Roger Taylor, another senior citizen in the Mountain State.

“We decide what we are going to need for the week, freeze the extras. And just be careful about what you are using your money for,” said senior Linda Wooster.

Inflation is also hitting Kanawha Valley Senior Services hard. The executive director says food costs are up by more than $100,000 compared to last year. Still, it’s been able to keep providing the meals to all who want them.