CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) is expressing complete confidence in the West Virginia State Police’s new leadership.

The agency is under at least three investigations over allegations of wrongdoing. We asked the governor about his team, after hearing the concerns of some of our viewers.

The investigation of the State Police focuses on a number of things, including the placement of a hidden video camera in the women’s locker room at the police academy.

There are also allegations that some high-ranking officers collected pay for overtime they did not work.

To help fix the problems, Gov. Justice named Colonel Jack Chambers to head the State Police and he promoted Major Jim Mitchell to be his chief of staff. The two men have more than 50 years of experience inside the State Police combined.

Some taxpayers have wondered if two-seasoned state veterans can truly conduct an independent, and thorough investigation. But the governor believes they can.

“First of all, I don’t think we could have possibly selected anybody, any better than you know, our new Colonel Chambers, and from the standpoint of a great man, in Mitchell. I don’t think there’s anybody we could have picked better,” said Gov. Jim Justice, (R-WV).

In defending his team, Gov. Justice added, “We may be dealing with honor. We may be dealing with respect. Do these people, these two individuals we’re talking about, just not absolutely abound in that? You know we want more transparency. We want to correct it.”

Gov. Justice pointed out that the Department of Homeland Security is in charge of the overall investigation, including the alleged theft of money by an off-duty trooper who was at the Mardi Gras Casino. And the FBI is investigating allegations that a trooper raped a woman in Logan County. The Governor says he’s confident about all three investigations.

The Governor was asked about the timeline of the FBI’s rape investigation but says he’s been given no indication when it might be complete.