CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against a West Virginia State Police (WVSP) trooper who allegedly drugged, kidnapped and raped a woman.

According to the complaint filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court by Attorneys Dante di’Trapano and Jesse Forbes, the lawsuit’s defendants are Trooper Michael Miller, an unnamed WVSP trooper, the WVSP, the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security, Gunther-McNeely-Nowlan and Post No. 19 of the American Legion.

“We all need to trust police officers. These are the people that are supposed to protect us; they’re supposed to protect our families; they’re supposed to be out there protecting and supporting our community, not preying on vulnerable people, drugging them, abducting them and attacking them,” Forbes said. “The real question is ‘what happened to allow this to occur?’ and that’s part of what our client wants to see here is some accountability from the administration as a whole.”

The complaint claimed the incident happened in Logan, West Virginia, in December 2021. It said that on the night of the incident, Miller was flashing his badge around at the American Legion Post 19 Club. The complaint said the victim remembers feeling like they were about to pass out and then woke up the next day covered in blood, urine and feces.

Forbes told 13 News that the rape unit at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital confirmed the woman was victimized. The hospital also contacted a victim advocate who reported the incident to the FBI.

Following the alleged incident, Forbes also said Miller tried to contact the woman through a Facebook message to ask if he left his hat in her car.

The complaint alleges that the West Virginia State Police and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office had knowledge of the allegations and did not “appropriately investigate Trooper Miller.”

Before the alleged December 2021 incident, the complaint said another victim was abducted by Miller and two other people. After attempting to contact law enforcement, they were allegedly told to not go to the hospital and to not file a report. The Logan County Sheriff’s Office told 13 News that they are launching an investigation into the deputy who allegedly told the victim to not report the alleged incident.

“Shocking. We’ve got not just one victim of this, but a second victim who predates the one that was just filed and had they done something at the time that the victim reported it to law enforcement this would not have happened,” Forbes said.

The West Virginia State Police confirmed the FBI is investigating allegations against a current employee, and they said an internal investigation will follow the FBI’s investigation.

No criminal charges against Miller have been filed.