SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The West Virginia State Police are attempting to rebuild confidence in the agency after an investigation was launched in February 2023.

An investigation was launched after a five-page letter alleging misconduct and perhaps even criminal behavior within the department’s highest ranks.

One of those includes a hidden camera videotaped women in the locker room at the State Police Academy. It has since been removed, but for Major Mitchell, the department’s new chief of staff and media spokesperson, that hits very close to home.

“I have a daughter there right now. So if I didn’t trust that academy, she wouldn’t be there. And she’s being trained as a police officer. And I would encourage them if they want to do that as a career, it’s very honorable. We have a proven record since 1919, to be a great agency. These problems will be fixed,” said Major Jim Mitchell, West Virginia State Police.

Mitchell says that he will not be personally involved in the internal investigation, but he expressed confidence on Monday that if any punishment or discipline is recommended, the new Colonel, Jack Chambers, will take appropriate action.

Major Mitchell was named in that anonymous five-page letter, but not as a bad actor. He allegedly intervened in a fight between a possibly intoxicated high-ranking trooper and a woman and got the situation under control. Then, Corporal Mitchell allegedly reported the incident to his superiors.