CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The firestorm of controversy continues following Bob Huggins’ use of a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati sports radio show on Monday. West Virginians are now sharing their thoughts and have mixed reactions to the incident.

Some people told 13 News they still support him no matter what he said, while others said his remarks were unacceptable and an apology isn’t enough.

“He shouldn’t have said it, but again don’t go crazy over it,” said Bill Bitner, a Charleston resident.

In the aftermath, organizations have come forward calling for his termination, and some people told 13 News there’s no place in sports for the culture his remarks support.

“When you’re a leader of men, you have to lead by example,” Carlos Preston, Charleston resident. “Especially in sports, I just feel like there’s no place for that.”

Fairness WV, a statewide civil rights advocacy program, released a statement regarding Huggins’ use of the homophobic slur:

Coach Bob Huggins embarrassed his team, his university and Mountaineers everywhere yesterday by casually using a homophobic slur and disparaging transgender people in a radio interview. It’s well known that this slur has been a tool to torment and harass our community. There is no excuse for using that kind of language in the year 2023.

Fairness WV

The Executive Director of Fairness WV, Andrew Schneider, said language like this from Huggins leads to a culture their organization fought against during this year’s legislative session and continues to fight against every day.

“It leads to a culture that we know all to well through their legislative session earlier this year,” he said. “We had to fight against countless anti-LGBTQ bills that in many ways were cheered on by exactly those kind of statements that were made on the radio program.”

Even though Schneider said an apology was a step in the right direction, he thinks more needs to be done.

The University released a statement following the incident, which said Huggins’ remarks were “insensitive” and “offensive.” They said the situation is under review and will be addressed by the University and its athletics department.