CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Graduation time is a time to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work that was invested throughout your education.

But what may be the most important thing to decide on, is what to wear to your graduation ceremonies. A new study done by experts with Karen Millen revealed the most popular dress colors across graduations for the Class of 2023.

According to the data analyzed by those with Karen Millen, terms including ‘X graduation dress’ and ‘X graduation dresses’ were combined with different colors to discover the total search volume in each state.

The following colors were chosen the most across Mountain State graduations in 2023, according to Google Search data.

#1.) White

A color of a fresh start, and prepping for life after college. It’s also a color that matches with a lot of other wardrobes

#2) Black

A classic color that will last for years. A great color for formal wear plus, it can be paired with so many other colors. 

#3) Red

A color that’s bold and confident and a color of strength. Be careful wearing it with other color choices, as it can clash with other colors.

#4) Pink

This is a color that makes a statement. It will definitely turn some heads and make a close to your graduation in style.

#5) Green

Whatever shade you pick, green definitely will grab attention. Remember to pick the right shade according to hair color, as well as the accessories you choose.

Congratulations to all those across West Virginia who are graduating in 2023!