CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — This Election Day, there are four constitutional amendments on West Virginians’ ballot and Amendment 4 could impact your child’s education.

Early voting is underway now in communities throughout West Virginia.

One of the issues voters are considering is whether or not the West Virginia Legislature should have a say in education rules and policies.

Amendment 4 is officially called the Education Accountability Amendment.

Those in favor of it say it will hold the West Virginia Board of Education to the same standards as other government agencies.

“If you look at it, the Department of Education is really the only agency in state government who does not submit policies rules and procedures to the state legislature. And so really what Amendment 4 is doing is bringing the State Board of Education in line with every other agency that West Virginia has,” said Garrett Ballengee, Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy.

Those against it say it takes decisions about education out of the hands of those who are most qualified to decide and could lead to inconsistency in the classroom.

“It is an opportunity for them to have the final say on any policy that would come out of Education,” said Dale Lee, President of the West Virginia Education Association, a teachers union. “It is a way for them to dictate the way public education will go.”

The West Virginia Board of Education includes nine citizens appointed by the governor and three non-voting members. No more than five members may belong to the same political party. Lee said that structure already establishes balance.

“Our forefathers wanted to educate every child in West Virginia and wanted to take the political part of it out,” Lee said. “That is why we need a constitutional change to do it.”

But Ballengee said Amendment 4 is necessary for accountability.

“I have to admit the controversy surrounding Amendment 4 has been a little surprising to me,” he said. “In a democracy like ours you want to have a system of checks and balances and Amendment 4 is simply fortifying that system of checks and balances.”