CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Every year, hundreds of school children come to the State Capitol to serve as a Page during the legislative regular session.

The West Virginia Legislature’s Page Program gives students the opportunity to assist delegates and senators and learn more about the legislative process.

Pages assist with running notes between lawmakers, bringing them water or refreshments, and they get to speak with the delegates and senators to discuss public policy.

Students share their thoughts and ideas with legislators as lawmakers formulate and make decisions affecting all citizens.

“It’s very different because, in school, you’re just learning about textbooks, and from history, but this is more current and this is what will be happening,” says Cayden Marshall.

Some of these pages have aspirations to be in politics one day, and the Legislature’s Page Program gives them a kickstart in their political career.

“Well, I hope this leads me to the presidency, but I’d like to go to the U.S. Senate, and I’d also like to be here, in the State Senate at some point,” says Cole Holcomb.

All pages get formally introduced to the chamber, along with their parents who are chaperones. The Legislature’s Page Program is available to all students in public or non-public schools, grades 6-12, in all 55 counties.