MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — If you’ve been driving around at any point, you’ve likely seen other drivers sporting custom license plates that show off a university or professional sports team. After all, what better way to prove your vehicle’s legal registration while also taking pride in your team? With that in mind, here are the states that offer custom license plates featuring West Virginia University.


This one might seem somewhat obvious. With the Maryland state line being roughly 30 miles east of Morgantown, it’s no surprise that some fans and alumni moved east to the Old Line State and still want to sport the old gold and blue. Thankfully, the Maryland Department of Transportation has them and any other Mountaineer fan covered.

(Photo Courtesy: Maryland Department of Transportation)

The cost to get this plate sits at $25 on top of the standard $135 two-year registration fee for passenger vehicles, per the Maryland Department of Transportation.


Down in Cavalier and Hokie territory, Mountaineer fans still love to show that they support their team even if they’re in what they might consider the “worst” Virginia. With that in mind, the Commonwealth of Virginia gives them an opportunity to show off their fandom right on their license plate.

(Photo Courtesy: Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles)

The cost to get this plate runs yet again at $25 on top of the annual registration fee of $30.75 for a non-electric passenger vehicle weighing 4,000 lbs or less, per the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.


Just about an hour up I-95 lies the second-smallest U.S. state, Delaware. Known for its coastline, chemical manufacturing industry and being one of the few U.S. states without a dominant college or professional sports team, WVU fans are among the fanbases that may attempt to claim it as their “territory.”

As a matter of fact, according to a 2019 project by, WVU accounted for the highest share percentage of college football tickets sold in Kent County, Delaware at 14.1%. For reference, Delaware has only three counties, with its capital city, Dover, residing in Kent County.

As with the previous states on this list, Delaware offers Mountaineer fans the ability to do that through legal registration, and as such they created the most unique option on this list.

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The cost for vehicle registration in Deleware is $40 annually and there was no fee for a college tag listed on the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles’ website. However, it does cost an additional $40 every year for a vanity plate, which college tags may fall under.

West Virginia

Right back home in the Mountain State, this plate is likely the most common of the ones on this list given WVU’s large presence across West Virginia and makes this the obvious choice for any born and bred West Virginian who bleeds gold and blue.

(Photo Courtesy: West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles)

This design does come at a steep cost, however. According to the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles the West Virginia WVU license plate is available to Class A vehicles with an active registration for varying costs between $49 and $71.50 depending on the expiration date. On top of this, those who wish to have this plate must also be enrolled in the WVU Alumni Association or pay an additional $50 yearly to either join the association or donate to the WVU Scholars Program. The yearly renewal fee regardless is $66.50 and all plates expire yearly on July 1.