CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The resignation of Colonel Jan Cahill has already paved the way for an interim superintendent and Gov. Justice is temporarily filling the top job with a well-known face.

Jack Chambers is a familiar face at the State Capitol, as well as in the law enforcement community across the Mountain State.

He is a 26-year veteran of police work in West Virginia. and was most recently the Deputy Director of the State Capitol Police Department. Before that, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the West Virginia State Police.

Lawmakers are hoping that public confidence gets restored in the process. Colonel Chambers will have the power to take appropriate action.

“There are no individuals on any kind of protected list, an untouchable list,” Brian Abraham, Chief of Staff for Gov. Justice, said. “That he is to review all of these matters and then bring them back to us for consideration on how discipline would be meted out, if necessary.”

“The public has to have confidence in the State Police and we do, we do, and I don’t want to give the impression we don’t,” House Speaker Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay). “But we need to make sure this investigation gets completed thoroughly and that the results shore up our confidence in the overall State Police.”

As for a permanent State Police Superintendent, the search process will begin immediately.

Right now, it is not certain whether or not acting Colonel Jack Chambers is interested in the job.

Gov. Justice said Monday that he instructed Colonel Chambers to reopen the investigation of some of the alleged wrongdoing at the State Police over the past six years.