CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Tri-State has its fair share of winter weather but this season has certainly seen a spike in the snow in comparison to recent years.

After a pattern dominated by a stagnant ridge of high pressure that kept us both warm and dry for the month of December, however the pattern completely flipped during January!

Climatologically, January is typically the jackpot month for snow in the Tri-State, with about 35 percent of our typical snowfall occurring during the first month of the year.

At 18.9 inches of snow for the month of January, Charleston has already eclipsed its 9th highest snowfall total for the month all time, with more snow possible this week.

Huntington has experienced just under 14 inches of snow this month, which is only a couple of inches from cracking the top 10 for the most snowfall all time in January for the Jewel City.

In addition to the wintry mess we’ve seen this month, 15 of the 24 days this month have experienced below average high temperatures in Charleston.

Both Huntington and Charleston are a few inches above normal for snowfall this season, which is contrary to the last five wintry seasons. However, looking ahead, the pattern looks to switch next week once again back to the same pattern that brought warmer and drier conditions to the region in December. So, if you like the wintry weather, bask in its chilly ambiance this week while you’re able to.