HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Solar energy is one of America’s fastest growing industries and West Virginia just hoped on the bandwagon.

West Virginia recently voted to legalize power purchase agreements and Autumn Long, the Regional Field Director for Solar United Neighbors says that means more panels will be coming to the Mountain State.

“We’re going to see the first large scale solar being developed in WV in the next couple of years and we’re going to continue to see the buildout of more rooftop solar on our homes and businesses around the state as more people realize they can save money with solar energy,” says Long.

This agreement will allow those who typically wouldn’t be able to afford these panels to get one, while also allowing people to save money and bring more solar-related jobs here to the mountain state.

Local organizations like Solar Holler say they’re excited for this push.

“For the past 8 years we’ve been helping folks save money on their utility bills so that way they can put that money toward their family, their business, their organization,” says Leah Cunningham, the Director of Sales for Solar Holler.

Solar Holler says they’ve seen the benefits of solar panels and their goal has always been to make it affordable for residents.

“We’re actually the first company in WV to offer solar with no upfront cost. our goal is to make it so that folks have a more affordable option to their rising power bills,”

Leah Cunningham, Solar Holler Director of Sales

According to Cunningham, the panels can produce enough electricity to completely offset your power bill and protect you from rate hikes.

Long says some of the other benefits that will come with these panels are new jobs and the attraction of new businesses to West Virginia.

Currently only 1,200 businesses and homes throughout the state have jumped on the bandwagon, but Long says she expects many more to do so in the near future.