CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — The Clarksburg VA facility has been under public scrutiny for the past week after it was revealed that two retired U.S. service members died in the hospital, victims of homicide. Army Sergeant Felix McDermott and Air Force veteran George Shaw, Senior, both died in April of last year. Each was given a fatal insulin injection even though neither man was a diabetic. The legislature’s Veterans and Military Affairs Committees may hold fact-finding hearings. Delegate Jim Bulter is a Marine Corps veteran.

“Well, I think we should definitely have hearings and try to get to the bottom of what their procedures are so we can prevent this from happening again. I’ve spoken to Chairman Buck Jennings and he’s actually going to go in person. He lives pretty close to Clarksburg and he’s going to talk with the administrators there,” said Vice-Chair of the Veterans Committee Del. Jim Butler, (R-Mason).

The state’s Congressional delegation has been frustrated by the lack of information provided by the VA’s Office of Inspector General in this case. Attorney Mike Woelfel serves in the West Virginia State Senate.

“I just think that it’s outrageous that we’re here, well after a year, and there’s not been an arrest made,” said State Sen. Mike Woelfel, (D) Cabell.

Even VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, who was in West Virginia in May while the investigation was underway, complained to Fox News that he’s gotten more information from the media in this case, than from his own Inspector General.

Many state lawmakers will be back at the capitol in three weeks for their monthly interim committee meetings. It’s possible the Veterans and Military Affairs Committees could conduct hearings at that time.

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