(WOWK) — TUESDAY 7 PM UPDATE – NEW DATA – gives hints that the Arctic air may arrive even a few hours earlier than thought.

StormTracker 13 Exclusive Predictor model data showing the rain to snow change before midnight from Huntington to the west with the system moving east rapidly

Circling back to Thursday: Rain starts early – then there is a dry gap for hours – then rain that changes quickly to snow even before midnight as seen above.

Snow briefly covers ALL OF US in WOWK area for A FEW HOURS then it’s MOVING AWAY FAST.

Friday pre-dawn: snow for 4-6 hours for many of us then it’s gone … a few afternoon squalls. Squalls don’t add up to much but they can reduce visibility.

AMOUNTS: It’s going to melt a bit at the start then it moves away so it won’t be capable of a lot of snow. OUR model has 1″-2″ on the grass.

Snow model output from the StormTracker 13 BAMS 15 KM model

Winds: A morning rush of strong wind up to 35 mph FRIDAY… then a break then afternoon/evening 35-40 mph gusts. Then a break then Saturday some 20-30 mph gusts.

Predictor wind gust model output in mph for Friday afternoon

Temps: THURSDAY: 47-50. FRIDAY: Teens even in the morning and staying there all day and falling into the single digits. Saturday highs in the teens.

Predictor model output of temperatures for Friday morning (and falling)

WIND CHILL: Falls below zero at times on Friday and Saturday.

Predictor model output of wind chill approximate values for Friday morning

SATURDAY: Flakes MAYBE in terms of snow. Mostly quiet.

CHRISTMAS SUNDAY: Models look quiet but a flake or two can’t be ruled out but the whole weekend looks like snow is just a backdrop if we see it at all and not an accumulation issue for the WOWK-TV area.

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