CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — Since early 2018, at least ten U.S. military veterans died while patients at the V-A Hospital in Clarksburg. They passed away from complications caused by unwarranted insulin injections, even though they were not diabetic.

Three of the deaths have been ruled homicides. All three of West Virginia’s U.S. House members have now sponsored a bill, that if approved, would force the V-A to make the details of the investigation public.

“It was a horrible thing what happened. It’s being investigated. We don’t want to let this investigation be buried away. We want it publicized. We want the families to be able to see it. We should be able to review it, make sure that it was done right, see what happened and how we can make sure this never happens again,” said Rep. Alex Mooney, (R) West Virginia – District 2.

“We’ve got to have our men and women that have been in harm’s way, they’ve got to have comfort that when they come to West Virginia, Clarksburg, or wherever that VA facility is, that they are going to be safe,” said Rep. David McKinley, (R) West Virginia – District 1.

In some of the cases, there were red flags and no one noticed or they ignored them. For example, in April 2018, three veterans died on three consecutive days, from insulin overdoses, yet no alarm bells were sounded as the VA requires when there are suspicious deaths. The new bill would implement more safeguards.

“The important things about passing a bill is making sure that it’s followed up and followed through. And often that doesn’t happen after a bill passes. But in this case, we need follow up and follow-through to make sure that none of these things ever occur again,” said Rep. Carol Miller, (R) West Virginia – District 3.

The House bill is similar to another veterans medical security and safety act introduced by Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito.

“People close to this case continue to tell us there is a person of interest. She is a former VA employee who worked on floor 3-A where all of the deaths occurred. She’s since been fired, but so far no criminal charges have been filed,” said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.