WV Mayor Waves American Flag Every Friday for a Decade

RIPLEY, WV (WOWK) - Every Friday for the last decade Ripley Mayor, Carolyn Rader, stands outside her office and waves the American Flag. 

"I love waving the American Flag," says Rader as she waves good morning to every car that passes.

This all started as a high school football tradition with a waving of the Ripley high school flag.

"After waiving the Viking flag for the holidays I started waiving the American Flag and felt so good waiving it I just never went back," she explains. 

Now, every Friday Rader stands outside with her stereo and waves the stars and stripes. 

"There wasn't any sleeping in on Friday mornings," says Ripley shop owner and neighbor Ed Moore. 

"Whether its her responsibility or not she'll try to help anyone she can and that's just living in Ripley. I think we kind of take for granted her over here on Friday mornings in the pouring rain or the blowing snow, but that's how she is and Ripley is a patriotic little town," Moore says.

Rader's patriotism does not go unnoticed. Locals bring her snacks and coffee. Out-of-towners stop by with bottles of water just to say how much the appreciate the gesture.

Rader celebrates America everyday and encourages everyone to stop by and embrace the All-American small town.



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