CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) The Race to End Racism is a spring-time tradition for the Charleston YWCA. But COVID-19 put a damper on plans.

The race would normally involve hundreds of people running or walking together. But this year because of COVID-19 organizers had to think outside of the box.

“It was different than the usual race,” explained Katie Capito, who participated in the race this year. “You don’t have the rush of everyone hitting the starting line and all that but it still felt like you were part of the community.”

She was one of several people who took part in the reimagined virtual race. People sign up, complete the race in their own way, and document the journey through an app and on social media.

“We didn’t know what to expect but I think once people started posting their selfies and you could start seeing your friends join and see a leader board and see who has ran what, who has walked what, we’ve gotten more participants every single day,” said Shannon Lester, Development and Marketing Director at the YWCA.

Right now many charities in our are are struggling to meet their fundraising goals but the need is still there.

“It is hard because these events raise really critical funds for our programs and we wanted to at least try to raise what we could with the virtual race,” Lester said. “Even if it may not raise as much as the physical race usually does.”

The virtual Race to End Racism ends at midnight Saturday, April 25. You can still participate. Just click here.