Zombie Facials Invade South Charleston Skin Clinic


It was a dark moonlit night at The Blend in South Charleston and rumor has it this is the perfect place to go if you’re in the market for a ghoulish make over!

“The DMK Enzyme Masque has been called the ‘Grandma Facial’ and the ‘Game of Thrones Facial’ and at Halloween it’s known as the ‘Zombie Facial’“, said Teddy Atkins, owner and aesthetician at The Blend, “basically it’s going to make you look older before it makes you look better!” 

Grendel Levy was game to try the transformation for herself. 

But, before the transformation begins, we wanted to know what’s behind this creepy skincare craze that’s gone viral online?

We found out it’s actually some pretty cool science

But not, “Dr. Frankenstein “it’s aliiiiiiive!” – kind of science. 

“It’s bringing her skin into homeostasis,” said Atkins,”In other words it is getting her skin to function exactly the way it should.” 

“The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in,” said Atkins.

First up, Atkins does a deep cleanse of the skin .. and then adds a dash of cinnamon? really?

“This is going to stimulate the blood flow and bring a ton of moisture to your skin,” said Atkins. 

And then the real work begins. 

We saw the first zombie effect in Levy’s neck.  

“The pulsating in her neck is called the ‘reverse osmosis effect’ it’s drawing toxins and fluids from the skin,” said Atkins.

We checked in with his client who said, “I can’t move my mouth to smile.” ..

Which is the effect Atkins is going for, “it’s getting rid of toxins, dirt, debris and dead skin cells that are stuck down in our pores.”

He says, it’s also activating collagen in the skin and working your facial muscles intensely, which is what leaves the skin feeling and looking firm again.

After the mask comes off, there was nothing dead about the results. 

“I like it,” said Levy,”I like my eyes the best!”

“She’s going to notice her skin is going to be back to life,” said Atkins. 

And .. there’s nothing scary about that!

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