ADAMS COUNTY, OH (AP/WOWK) – Two workers were unaccounted for and three were taken to a hospital after a power plant that was being demolished in Ohio collapsed Wednesday.

It was not clear what caused the collapse at the Killen Generating Station, Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers said.

“One crew has been in there three hours. That crew is now pulling out. Each crew going is doing that so they don’t all go in – they stagger their time,” Sheriff Rogers said.

Rogers did not know the extent of the injuries of the person who was recovered from the debris. He said it is believed three workers were missing.

“I did talk to one of the squad people and they said when he was on the cot leaving he gave him the thumbs up,” Sheriff Rogers said.

Emergency crews remained on the scene.

The coal-fired generating station opened in 1982 and was closed in May 2018.