COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Division of Police released body camera footage Thursday from a shootout involving police earlier in the morning.

The incident, where both a man and a single Columbus police officer exchanged gunfire, happened near Parsons Avenue in the parking lot of Tee Jaye’s Country Place restaurant. Responding officers found a man, 26-year-old Raymond Richard Hampton, armed with a gun and tried to ask him to drop it with no luck, according to police. Police said Hampton shot first at the officers before one of them returned fire.

“Hey man, it doesn’t need to go down this way,” the police officer said to Hampton in the video. “There’s no reason to do this buddy. We can talk.”

CPD released a bodycam recording of the confrontation during a 6 p.m. press conference. In the video, the responding officers spend minutes trying to ask Hampton to drop his weapon. The majority of the incident, including the moment shots were fired, is obscured by a car behind which two officers took cover.

*Some viewers may find the bodycam contents disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.*

A spokesperson for CPD said during the conference that CPD would release a second bodycam video that depicts the incident from a different perspective, and that also showed Hampton had two different firearms near him when officers approached to treat his gunshot wound and arrest him. However, the spokesperson did not show the second video during the conference.

Hampton was hit in the shootout and taken to a hospital, where he was in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon. None of the responding officers were injured in the shooting. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is handling a review of the shootout.