WAVERLY, OH (WCMH) — It’s been two years of heartache for families of two men who went missing within a day of each other and are now thought to be dead.

Both families were told the same disturbing story by people who called in with tips: that Koby Roush and Raymont Willis had been cut up in a woodchipper and fed to hogs.

Willis went missing from Waverly on July 4, 2020, and Roush disappeared on July 5, 2020, from Jackson.

The men are also linked through a Chillicothe police report, which connects Luke Farmer to the disappearance of Willis and Roush. Farmer died of a drug overdose on July 21, 2020.

Frustrated, angry

Roush’s sister, Danielle Dyer, said the anniversary of her brother’s disappearance has left her feeling frustrated, angry and sad.

“I feel hopeless,” she said. “I think he should have been found by now.”

On June 6, the families of Roush and Willis met to search for their missing relatives in Chillicothe, with Lena Wilson, founder of Golden Hearts, A Voice 4 the Voiceless.

During the search, they found a bag of clothing that Roush’s father, Mark, identified as belonging to his son. Immediately, Wilson called law enforcement and turned the clothes over to an officer.

Brother’s clothes

“They look like an outfit that Koby had,” Dyer said. “Dad had been doing Koby’s laundry for 23 years and was pretty sure those clothes were his. The white on the T-shirt was black. It could have been blood — we couldn’t tell. It had been sitting there that long.”

Dyer said the clothes were in plain sight and made her question whether law enforcement had executed searches in that area.

“There was plastic in the bottom,” she said. “The T-shirt and shorts were laying on top of it.”

Family said they were told the area had been searched previously and were left upset with how they thought law enforcement treated the evidence, the case, and them.

“It was sad the way they handle my brother’s case. If they were professional about it, they might find someone,” Dyer said.

NBC4 asked BCI for an update on the clothes found on June 6, whether they could be positively identified as belonging to Roush and whether the evidence may have been contaminated, but hasn’t received a reply.

Search moves to Waverly

“With Koby Roush, we’ve moved from the Chillicothe area to the Waverly Coulton area,” Wilson said. “The clothes, we haven’t heard anything on yet.”

Wilson said they are searching the Cincinnati area to cover some of the areas where Raymont Willis traveled. She said the tips continue to flow in, and they chase down every tip and collaborate with law enforcement.

“Golden Hearts, a Voice 4 the Voiceless, is out daily looking for these men,” Wilson said, adding that her group will not stop searching until these men are brought home.

“Nothing hidden in the dark stays in the dark for long, once the light starts getting shined. It’s time these families had closure because they don’t deserve the agony of not knowing, or having a place to lay a rose.”


Roush’s family is offering a $5,000 reward to help find their brother. Anyone that may have information about the case is encouraged to call BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446) or submit a missing persons tip through the BCI website.