IRONTON, OH (WOWK) – Many people took to the streets of downtown Ironton to watch history continue.

For the 154th year in a row, Ironton, Ohio held its annual Memorial Day Parade.

People sat out for hours bracing the heat and showing their respect to fallen soldiers.

Multiple organizations, bands, and departments proudly participated in the parade. And people in the city say Ironton holding the honor of having the longest continual Memorial Day parade makes them proud to be a resident.

“It’s such an honor, you know? And that makes me really proud that I’m from this town,” said Myra Bishop, a parade attendee.

Bishop also said this parade hits home with her every year.

“My father-in-law. He was in the parade. He’s 98 years old and he was in the US Navy,” she explained.

Many others say they come out every year to see their favorite staple pieces of the parade, like “when people pass out candy” and “all the honks.”

And although it was hot, residents there say they’re proud to be out showing their respect and they’ll be right back out here again next year.