COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Columbus man was charged Wednesday with aircraft interference after pointing a laser into the cockpit of an aircraft in flight.

Charles Lee Taylor, 43, was arrested after admitting to pointing a laser at a helicopter owned and operated by the Columbus Division of Police while using it to play with his dog at the 1300 block of Genessee Avenue in North Linden, according to court documents from the Franklin County Municipal Court.

Crew members became aware of the green laser being aimed at the aircraft and advised Columbus police of the incident, court records state. Patrol cars were directed to the home and location where the laser had been operated from.

In a non-custody conversation, Taylor stated he was outside using the laser to play with his dog and eventually pointed the laser at the helicopter, according to court records. The laser was retrieved, found to be in working order and placed into evidence.

Taylor was interviewed at central police headquarters and slated into the Franklin County Jail on the charge of “interference with aircraft with laser,” a second-degree felony. He was released on his own recognizance.

An indictment package will be presented to the Franklin County Grand Jury.