CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The YWCA provides a number of services for those in need, and because no two stories are the same we sat down with the Resolve Family Abuse Program Director, Julie Britton Haden, to discuss the different ways you can receive help…for free.

“There are so many boundaries and barriers that survivors have faced we don’t want cost to be one of those so it is incredibly important to us that everything we do for survivors is free,” says Haden.

The free help the YWCA provides can start with a simple question through their 24/7 online chat. They also have a 24/7 hotline…just like the chat, no request or question is too big or too small.

“We want you to call us if you have questions… is this domestic violence? where do I need to go? We get calls that range from ‘I’m trying to get my daughter help what can you all do?’ to ‘I have five minutes I am hiding in the bathroom how do I need to get to you,'” Haden adds.

One of their most-used services is the court advocacy program where an advocate located in the courthouse will meet you and step-by-step walk you through what can be an intimidating process of filing a domestic violence protection order.

“There is a bit of legalize that could be difficult…they provide guidance like here is what they are looking for on this page…and then they are in court with the victims…it takes some of that fear away and that is what we are here for,” she says.

Just last year, the YWCA Resolve served more than 2,000 individuals, provided more than 6,800 shelter nights to 232 victims and their children, provided nearly 8,000 hours of case management, advocacy, counseling and support groups. Many of those services, and so much more behind-the-scenes work is made possible through funds raised at their annual Girls Night Out – now turned Girls Night In – event.

Haden says, “So we have regular federal and state funding that allows us to pay rental assistance and utility assistance for survivors moving into their own apartments but the last thing that we want to do is send a survivor and her kids into an apartment without beds it’s just a simple thing but girls night in is so important to so many families to be able to set up a new household and other funding doesn’t allow us to do that.”

While the funds have helped the YWCA provide beds and even phones for victims, allow for total security updates and major renovations to the safe house….all the more reason, why they are hoping for another successful year.

“It just allows us to do so much more that we wouldn’t be able to do.”

‘Girls Night In’ is officially underway with raffles and classes happening every day this week.