CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — There are more calls for reform of high school sports in West Virginia after a new transfer law was put in place, which critics say is causing blowout football scores.

This is the first year that West Virginia high school athletes have been able to make a one-time transfer to any school of their choice. Critics say it’s allowing coaches to recruit and create elite programs.

Numbers have now been compiled by Delegate Dana Ferrell, the WVSSAC and the Charleston Gazette-Mail. They show that 47 football players in Kanawha, Cabell and Putnam counties transferred.

South Charleston lost six players and has been outscored 283 to 0 and St. Albans lost seven players and was outscored 241 to 34.

“Well let’s undo what we did. I don’t think we should have been involved to start with. If you look at that, out of our 134 members between the Senate and the House of Delegates, none of us, none of us, have nowhere near the expertise and the experience that the SSAC does,” said Del. Dana Ferrell (R) Kanawha.

“Sometimes it’s really, really hard to stand up and say, ‘Messed up, messed up, we need to do something else.’ But our legislators really messed up here,” said Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia.

But State Senator Amy Grady, who chairs the education committee, said it’s too soon to repeal a law that’s only been in effect for a few weeks. She said school administrators and coaches need to evaluate why students are leaving their programs for other schools.

Now the number gathering is not done yet. The statistics we just reported were for only three counties. By Friday, Delegate Farrell hopes to have the transfer numbers for all 55 West Virginia counties.