Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — In this week’s Black and Gold Digital Edition, hosts Jay Puskar, Mike Fenner and Kent Urbanski break down the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Miami Dolphins and look ahead to the matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Steelers fell to the Dolphins 16-10 on Oct. 23. The Steelers own mistakes contributed to a second half that saw no scoring from either team. It was a tough game to watch as a Steelers fan, Urbanski said. The defense made adjustments, especially in the second half, but they were unable to capitalize on interception opportunities.

Pittsburgh continues having trouble finishing drives, and they could benefit from better scheming. Commentators referring to the offense as “simplistic” is harsh criticism, but the Steelers may need to open the playbook more going forward.

The final drive for the Steelers was a bright spot in the game. There were no timeouts taken, and quarterback Kenny Pickett looked calm as he worked the offense down the field. The pick on the final pass was unfortunate.

On Sunday, Oct. 30, the Steelers will travel to Philadelphia to take on the undefeated Eagles (6-0). The Eagles are coming off a bye week.

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett grew up as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Sunday will mark a chance for Pickett to pick up a huge, quality win for his new team.

Excluding the lopsided loss to the Buffalo Bills (38-3 on Oct. 9), Pittsburgh has kept most games close this season. That said, the Steelers likely need to score more than 20 points to seal a win.

Final take, the Steelers have winnable games ahead of them, but first they need to get themselves corrected and win against the Eagles.