(WOWK) CHARLESTON, WV — Some called him “the Black Babe Ruth.”

Others called Babe Ruth “the white Josh Gibson.”

He was one of the best power hitters and catchers to ever play the game. In any league.

Though he never played in the MLB, Josh Gibson was the second African-American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, behind Jackie Robinson.

Josh Gibson, 1931

A country-wide exhibit was planned by his great-grandson, Sean Gibson, Executive Director of the Josh Gibson Foundation, before COVID-19 cancelled the Minor League season.

However, the exhibit was able to make it to one stop. Charleston, West Virginia.

WOWK caught up with Gibson as he was wrapping up for the day.

He said it was important to show up in the minor leagues with the exhibit— not the Majors — because Minor League baseball more closely resembled the Negro Leagues.

Legacies born in small towns and humble facilities.

What does Sean say is most important people know about his great-grandfather? Watch the video to find out.

Josh Gibson, AP