ATHENS, Ohio (WOWK) – Joe Burrow’s hometown is also celebrating in his acceptance of the 2019 Heisman trophy.

Burrow accepted the award in New York City, New York over the weekend. The award followed Burrow breaking the Southeastern Conference (SEC) record with 48 touchdowns this season.

In his hometown, located near Athens, Ohio, the local community is celebrating his success and a few residents are even switching their Ohio State Univerity (OSU) flags for Louisiana State University flags (LSU).

There used to be a lot of Ohio Buckeyes flags here in the plains that have been paired up now with LSU flags.

Pete Wuscher

During his high school career, Burrow played for the Athens High School Bulldogs where he earned the nickname “Mr. Football.” After playing for OSU for 2 years, Burrow transferred to LSU where he led his team to an undefeated 13-0 season.

Burrow has become a major inspiration for his hometown and has gained a reputation as being the ideal role model.

It’s wonderful for the whole area. He’s definitely a great role model and he’s squeaky clean, so what more can you say? Go joe!

Bonnie Porter

LSU earned its way into the 2019 Peach Bowl. The Tigers will face off against the Oklahoma Sooners for a chance to compete in the national championship.