‘Cooking with Coaches’ – Episode #2 Features Poca’s Kyle Gwinn


‘Cooking with Coaches’ – Episode #2 Features Poca’s Kyle Gwinn

MILTON, WV (WOWK) -“You brown the meat first and then, after you brown the meat, you just take everything- you just throw it in there!”

“How long have you been cooking this chili with this recipe?”

“This is, honestly, the only Chili recipe I ever cooked, so probably 2 or 3 years.”

Step 2 is really, kind of, condense everything and normally – and normally – set that one on mild, just because it is a little bit easier. In my opinion, I think this is the thing that brings it all together, and there are a lot of odd ingredients.

Not a lot of people think jelly should go in chili, but my dad found out that it kind of makes it a little more, like, a higher viscosity- it allows it to be a little bit more, like, sweet and holds flavor.”

“On average, how long does it take you to make?”

“Roughly about an hour if I do it quickly- if I throw the meat in there, put it on high, throw everything in there. And that part, there, is generally the easiest part.”

“Alright coach, it smells good.”

“Yep, it’s ready. Can’t wait!”

“It’s one of those things that have a little heat on the back end, but it kind of dissipates.”

“It looks great, definitely looks better than it did 45 minutes ago!”

“When I was a kid growing up, watching my dad do it, after the first time I was, like, ‘Oh this is completely normal…’ And then, when I tried other chilis at this chili cookoff thing we had at Poca, it was vastly different.”

“You guys on offence were averaging more than 47 points per game. For you being a defensive coordinator, knowing what this offence is capable of, what do you think gives opposing defensive coordinators nightmares late at night?”

“Ethan Payne. I mean, he is a truck and a half and fast at that. But I will say this: besides that (and that’s the obvious), I would say Toby Payne. I mean, he can get it over the top. But the unsung hero of Jay Cook, I mean, not a lot of people realize that he is the glue that holds everything together. If you can take our number 1, 2, then Jay will beat you number 3.”

“How do you put it all together this coming season and build off the success you’ve already had?”

“We ended with a bad taste in our mouth- didn’t go the way we wanted to. Oak Glen is a great team- came in, and we did not execute as well as we wanted to. We are going to come back nastier. We want to be that team that is no holds barre. We want to be that team that is ‘I don’t want to go into O.O. White Stadium’ or ‘I don’t want them to come to us because we know it’s going to be a long night.’ And for us, we know it’s going to be a short night, so we definitely want to put the stigma early: what we are [is] the team to beat!”

“It’s great!”

“What do you think?”

“It’s good. I’m definitely starting to feel that kick at the end- it is a little bit.”

“I try not to make it as much.”

“No, it’s good though. And this won you first place back in February right?”

“Yeah, so first place at our school’s chili competition, and it’s my father’s recipe.”

If you would like to try and make Greg’s Famous Chili Recipe on your own the full step-by-step recipe is listed below:


-2 lbs of Hamburger

-2 Packs of McCormick’s Mild Chili Mix

-1 14oz can of Petite Tomatoes

-1 10oz can of Mild Rotel

-3 15oz cans of Mild Chili Beans – Pinto Beans (Sweeter/Softer) or Red Beans (Holds taste when reheating) but

Either work great. I normally get Bush’s Chili Beans. They normally have the better flavor.

Where it says add 1-2 tbsp of an ingredient, I normally just put 1 tbsp of every ingredient in my chili. The option is for if you would like it more sweet or with more heat.

-1 tbsp of Salt

-1 tbsp of Pepper

-1 tbsp of Dry (Ground) Mustard

-1-2 tbsp of Crushed Red Pepper – This is for heat so the more the hot it will be.-1-2 tbsp of Honey – For sweetness.

-1 ½ cups of Brown Sugar – I usually use the Domino Light Brown Sugar.

-3/4 cup of Grape Jelly – Sounds weird, just trust me.

-1 tbsp of Garlic Powder


  1. Brown the meat. Make sure you have browned the entire 2 lbs.
  2. Put everything else in a large pot at around medium, maybe a little more than medium heat. I usually add the canned items first and then everything else.
    -Make sure you stir every so often so nothing sticks to the bottom of the pot. (You can do steps 1 and 2 at the same time. I normally do.)
  3. Add the meat when fully browned → MAKE SURE YOU DRAIN THE GREASE!
  4. Once the meat has been added, stir every 5-10 minutes for roughly 40 minutes to an hour. When your concoction starts bubbling, which normally happens early on, put the burner on low and let everything stew. 
  5. Make sure you do some taste tests. If it is too hot for your liking, add more brown sugar until it is sweetened. If it is too sweet for your liking, add more Red Crushed Pepper. The Brown Sugar and Red Crushed Pepper are your adjusters for more sweet/heat.
  6. Once your 40 minutes to an hour on low/simmer is up, take the pot off the burner, let it cool, and enjoy! I always add cheese and sour cream to mine. It is great if you use crackers/chips, as well!

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