HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – This should be another game week for the Thundering Herd, not just any game week. This Saturday would have been Marshall’s game at East Carolina. It was upon returning home to Huntington in 1970 after this matchup the tragic plane crash occurred killing all 75 people on board.

That game has been postponed indefinitely and will likely be canceled.

The open date places the herd on an early bye week, following a 59-nothing season-opening dominating win over Eastern Kentucky.

The team is back on the field today and will keep an eye on the app state game this Saturday.

The open time. gives more chances for someone in the program to get the virus leading up to game day, and that’s why coach Doc Holliday is stressing to the herd to be responsible with the extra time they have to prepare.

“This year more so than any other year than we’ve ever, I’ve ever coached football its going to be, you know the teams you have you have a chance to be great football teams the teams take ownership in that team and that needs to happen more so this year than ever. It’s not only what happens here in this building its what happens when they leave, I mentioned that 100 times you know these guys need to make sure they hold each other accountable once they walk out of here to put themselves in a position so we can play every week, Doc Holliday said.”