CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Former Marshall safety, now Kansas City Chief, Nazeeh Johnson is a Super Bowl champion.

Johnson helped the Chiefs take down the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday night, the final score 38-35.

The Eagles scored a touchdown on their first drive, Kansas City responded, then Philadelphia posted two more TDs and a field goal in the second quarter to go into halftime up ten.

Naz says at halftime, no one yelled. No one screamed. Because everyone knew what they had to do already.

“Fighting adversity, down 10,” he said. “We went in the locker room and no one was yelling at each other. Coaches just said ‘we just gotta do what we gotta do, eliminate the mistakes.’ And that’s what we did. We came out. And everybody’s winning now, everybody can celebrate with each other.”

The celebrations began right after the win; the Lombardi trophy was handed to the Chiefs, their second one in four years, and Pat Mahomes was named the MVP.

The celebrations will now continue Wednesday, at the Kansas City championship parade.

“Just pure happiness you can’t even explain it,” said Johnson, when asked about holding the Lombardi. “I can’t even put it into words it’s crazy. You used to watch it on TV, like ‘man I wonder what it’d be like to be there’, and it happened. I’m there holding the trophy, and it was amazing. But it’ll be more exciting tomorrow at the parade. It’ll be a sea of red. So I’m excited to see that. We’re just gonna enjoy it.”

The Chiefs’ championship parade begins Wednesday morning, we’ll have some video of it on WOWK at 6 o’clock Wednesday night.

Naz also shared what his offseason plans are.

“I don’t really know what I’m gonna do in the offseason,” he said. “I know I got a couple weeks to myself, so I’ll probably go on vacation then get right back on it. Because OTAs start April 12th. So we gotta report back then, so that doesn’t give us much time to ourselves, then we’re back at it facing a championship again.”