COAL GROVE, OH (WOWK) – This week’s Game of the Week was (6-0) Gallia Academy at (5-1) Coal Grove.

We caught it in the first quarter, Hornets driving.

Nate Woodyard steps back for the pass, finds his guy at the left sideline for the one handed catch to get the Grove in the redzone.

Check out highlights above!

Same drive, a handoff to running back Chase Hall. He splits the middle and walks on in for the first touchdown of the game.

They went for two, and it was Hall again who got into the endzone; Hornets up 8-0.

Gallia responded in that next drive though, handoff to Hudson Shamblin who finds the hole and makes it through, now 8-6.

Second quarter, second and goal for Coal Grove.

And it’s Chase Hall again!

He finds the endzone for the third time to put the Hornets up 14-6.

The Grove went into halftime up a touchdown.

But Gallia put up 15 in the fourth quarter alone to walk away with the three point win.

The final 36-33, Gallia Academy stays undefeated and rolls to 7-0.